Why Learn Electronics

Bottom line, It’s downright fun! It’s fun to build projects and see them work. You can also build a lot of useful gadgets once you gain some knowledge. To be honest the theory end of it can be a little dry and boring but it’s not too bad. Their is also a little math involved, that’s not too bad either, Basic! We won’t be covering too much of it here. To learn the theory and basic electronics, you need to join my newsletter and get the free ebook, both will cover the knowledge end of this hobby

So what are we going to do here? Well once you’ve read the ebook and have gathered your tools, set up a work space, and gained a little knowledge in basic electronics we are going to do projects. Basic, intermediate and advanced projects in electronics.We will also be doing Arduino and Raspberry PI projects. I go into detail on these pieces of equipment in the e book. I also go over what analog and digital electricity is. We will be learning digital electronics here.

Once you can do the projects here including the Arduino and Raspberry projects a whole new world will open up for you. You will have a good understanding of basic electronics and programming. The Arduino is a micro controller which is programmed with the C language. The Raspberry Pi is basically a pretty powerful computer that is just a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes, pretty amazing. You can hook up a keyboard and monitor to it and surf the web! It runs the linux operating system and  is programmed with the Python programming language.

Once you learn a little it will be easier for you to troubleshoot and repair your computer and electronics equipment. You will be able to build things like radio controls for radio controlled cars and airplanes, metal detectors, little robots and the list goes on.

That’s what this site is about so if you already have a little knowledge of electronics go ahead and have a look around, maybe you will learn something new here. If you are completely new join my newsletter, get the ebook and get busy. Most of all have fun!