My name is Scott Wolfe. I am a one man show with this website. I am a truck driver mostly local or regional, day trips. I haul Steel on a flatbed. I Spent time in the Army and Marine Corps. 10 years all together. Went to a war zone for 7 months during Desert Shield/Storm. I was a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Specialist. When I left the Army I was the rank of Sargent. I was boarded for E6, Staff Sargent but left the military before I could pin it on. I have had somewhat of a colorful, exciting life. I married a German girl I met when I was stationed in Mannheim Germany in the middle to late 80’s Been married 29 years. I have 4 daughters ages from 29 down to 12. I have 3 grand kids, 2 grandsons and a granddaughter. Got another grandson coming next month, July 2017.

I am not really school trained in electronics but I did attend Devry for a short time and I have a few online classes and I went to a 6 month electronics course in Austin Texas when I got out of the Army. I also worked  6 month temp jobs at both IBM and Texas Instruments in Austin before I went to truck driving school.

I am always learning new things! Electronics is a fun hobby and I enjoy helping others get up and running with it. Other hobbies I enjoy are programming, which we will learn some here on this site. I am also into 3D graphics, fishing, playing guitar, and video games. Not very good at any of them except fishing. and games.

I hope toy enjoy your time here and learn a lot and most of all have fun!